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. >> commissioner [rao*-eurl/]? yee riley? >> yes. >> that passes 6-0. >> >> next one, this is item no. 11. >> i move that we recommend this. >> would you like me to summarize what this does? >> yes. >> this is the ordinance that would establish mobile food facilities on private property within postsecondary institutions and medical institutions located in residential districts. >> yes. i second that. >> commissioners we have a motion from commissioner dooley to recommend approval of 120125, seconded by commissioner o'brien. mr. president, would you like a roll call (yes. >> president adams? >> yes. >> commissioner dooley? >> yes. >> commissioner dwight is absent. commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> yes. >> commissioner o'brien? >> yes. >> commissioner white? >> yes. >> commissioner yee riley? >> e. >> commissioners, that motion passes 6-0. >> thank you everybody. >> commissioners we now back to item 7, discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file no. 120796 planning code establishing the divasdero street neighbor
neighbors, not just one. i understand that the yees would and the architect [speaker not understood] their concerns, but in designing this building the wrote et architect along with the project sponsor is trying to balance the need also of the building on the other side that had three dormer windows here. right here. so, if everything gets shifted, basically the last window would be totally blocked. right now they get a lot of sun. >> okay, i see what they did is they took -- moved this apparently five feet away from the yees' yard, and therefore they diminished the amount of roof on the keegan side to 4.8 feet, i guess, if i'm reading that correctly. so, you're saying by doing that it's going to have an impact on his light and air? >>> that's correct. so, it's a matter of working with both neighbors to try to come up with a solution that will address the concern of both, not address the concern of one to the detriment of the other. >> okay. well, i'll see what the other commissioners have to say on this and find out which way we're going to go on it. thanks. >> commissioner borden.
with 20 years of experience working on residential properties in san francisco. i was hired by nicole yee who is the d-r requestor in this matter. i have also been asked to represent the concerns of the project sponsor's direct neighbor to the west, diana [speaker not understood]. we would like to say at the outset that we are not asking to reduce the habitable space, just to reconfigure it so it is respectful to everyone. as you can see in this aerial -- can you turn this? as you can see, the aerials in the front page, the garden is seen here in partial shadow from the two-story addition -- two-story building on which the third floor addition is going to be made. and as already pointed out, these key lots, the [speaker not understood] western side have been the lot at [speaker not understood] 28th street has been carve you had out to make it a lot originally. the basis of the d-r request includes concerns about the lack of equitable side setbacks, the loss of privacy, and open space drastically affected. as stated in the planning department's website, the definition of exceptional extrao
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the same food product. >> thank you. >> director dick-endrizzi? >> just to go back to commissioner yee riley's question, some of the food desert areas are the areas in the r-h districts which are the medical establishments and secondary -- postsecondary education areas. so that was, i think, part of some of the considerations that we were thinking about in drafting the first piece of legislation without recognizing that they are in r-h districts. >> any other commissioner comments? these are action items. we need to call each one of them separate, correct chris? >> yes. commissioners, if there are -- if you want to take especially for the public works one, if there are certain -- you can do straight up the full piece of legislation or if there is items that may not be a full -- you know, you might want to make some recommendations to. then you might want to sort of take it piece by piece. so that is just a recommendation. so that it gives a little more clarity to the legislative sponsor of things to focus on, if you want to do that. >> okay. and i also want to acknowledge di
-cartagena? >> commissioner o'brien? >> present. >> excellent. commissioner white? >> here. >> commissioner yee riley? >> here. >> mr. president we have a quorum. >> great, next item. >> item 2 is the approval of the october 1, 2012 minutes, explanatory documents draft october 22, 2012 minutes. >> motion to approve. >> i move. >> second >> all those in favor, say aye? >> aye? >> next item commissioners item 3 approval of the october 22, 2012 meeting minutes. >> explanatory document draft october 22, 2012 minutes. >> i move. >> i second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> next item. >> commissioners you are now in general public comment, item 4 allows members of public to comment generally on matters in the commission's purview and suggests new agenda items for the commission's consideration. i do have one speaker card and i'm pulling up the controls right now. mr. michael mcarthur. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> go ahead. >> thank you. president adams and commission, i will be very brief. just on the item that is in question today, the ordinance. it's kind of neither here, nor there, but
. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> yee. aye. >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to 0 and places you under commissioners questions items and matters. item 8, consideration of draft minutes of regular meeting of november 1st, 2012 and draft minutes of regular meeting of november 8th, 2012. >> any public comment on draft minutes? commissioner antonini? >> seeing none, move to approve. >> second. >> on that motion to adopt minutes of november 1st and november 8th of this year, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner borden? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> aye. >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously. and places you under item 9, commission comments and questions. >> commissioner antonini. >> thanks. three things briefly. in regards to the subcommittee for secretary search, we ha
till 4:00, what was the exact moment here? 4:19, yee, 4:19 this afternoon while we were already in the middle of discussion. so, i am in no motion to say how substantive some of the concerns have been addressed or not and why there is a matrix, no, yes, no, i always say the devil is in the details. and the detail is really more in the purview of people understanding in simple language of what ultimately is a legal document. and if that's unclear, which it is to me, i think don't vote on it. and if there is no pressure, if the supervisors indeed are not hearing it and they do no place else, why are we with an incomplete set of information being asked to support or not support it? i think in general, i think there is clear consensus that everybody from the state down through all of the communities who have tried to change c-e-q-a, there is a consensus that certain changes need to be made. when they are made, it is obviously an issue of great concern, don't do it before the holidays like 2 minutes before closing time. do it when there is time to do it, do it in the clear light of t
the restaurant association, benny yee to being here, our merchants, our neighbors and all the city partners who really believe in supporting the businesses and of course to todd from the office of economic and work force development, supervisor chu and our mayor ed lee. thank you so much for this opportunity to help out our small businesses in our community. thank you very much and we'll be available for questions later on. thanks. (applause) ... >> when there's good children's theater, it is good theater. if it is good theater, you would like it. even if it is for children that, is what i think. i know for the velveteen rabbit, i feel it is a story for kids and much older people. it is about being a young child and loving a toy or friend and it is also about what it means to get old. >>> in 1986 my son was 2. i decided i would like to adapt the velveteen rabbit. mind you, i had never read it as a child but heard it as a mother. my first time was a bedtime story recording. it was through that that i defined the theme and really determined how i was going to produce the story. is it true listeni
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Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)